Thursday, 7 November 2013

Previous Embroidery Projects

Apologies for the webcam shots! I can't reshoot them because I have given them away!
1- Skyrim- This is where i learnt to always USE AN EMBROIDERY HOOP, I mean come on Nancy, talk about rookie mistake! However once placed in a frame it flattened out nicely.
2-Brains- Pretty simple I have no idea where I got the idea from
3-LOTR- This is my pride and joy, I worked so hard on it, making sure everything was perfect and the colours work nicely. I love how it turned out but I question my use of the frame..
4- A.E- This was for my friend Alice, pretty simple, I think i traced the flower pattern onto the material
5- Minecraft- This is me and my friend on Minecraft. This is another project that took pretty long but it was simple due to the straight edges
6- Octopus- This was a random one, but simple filling in
7- Flowers- This was a long term project which i went back to a few times,  still incomplete somewhere!

I tend to sew more than anything as it allows me to experiment tons and I have enough embroidery thread to sew a life size england!

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